“YBM luôn sẵn sàng đáp ứng những nhu cầu khắt khe của các Quý khách hàng.”

Open letter

With the most sincerity, first of all, Yen Bai Industrial Mineral Joint Stock Company (YBM) would like to send the warmest greetings, best wishes, and appreciation to our valued customers, who have been giving us loyalty and interested in using our company's Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) powder.

Yen Bai Industry Mineral Joint Stock Company has a professional group of experienced engineers, staffs and workers; 04 CaCO3 powder grinding lines with capacity of 50,000 tons per month for both coated and uncoated powder with the production facilities technology originally from German Democratic Republic and Spain that always ready to meet the stringent requirements of our customers.

Yen Bai Industry Mineral Joint Stock Company currently owns two quarries that licensed to be extracted for 30 years by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in two best limestone raw material areas in Vietnam: Mong Son Commune - Yen Binh District and Luc Yen District in Yen Bai Province with stable source, high brightness and whiteness, high purity and uniformity of product quality.

Our Calcium Carbonate powder has gained many awards from the State for quality and production technology. The production process is strictly controlled in all stages, with the process of quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015; all the standards for particle size, whiteness, brightness, humidity, chemical composition, physical properties from input raw material to output powder are measured and ensured by advanced equipment such as the Mastersizer 3000E from UK's MALVERN, the Chroma Meter from Japan’s KONICA MINOLTA, Ohaus Moiture Analyzer from USA, along with other modern laboratory equipment, quality control department with expert team to ensure the commitment of quality standards of Calcium Carbonate powder for each customer in different industry.

Yen Bai Industry Mineral Joint stock company aspires to continue receiving the attention and cooperation of our valued customers and faithful partners in the following years.

We wish you health, success and sustainable development and prosperity.

Yours faithfully,

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Company information
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    The South of Yen Bai town Industrial park, Van Tien Commune, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province.
    Representative Office
    30th floor, Handico Tower, Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
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    Tax Identification
    Mr. Vu Duc Hau – Director
Viet Nam
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YEN BAI INDUSTRY MINERAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY (YBM) is the company specialize in extracting, manufacturing and processing of high quality CaCO3 powder, using the best and stable quality of limestone material, mined from two raw materials in Mong Son Commune - Yen Binh District and Luc Yen District from Yen Bai Province – which have large reserves with top quality in Asia. YBM currently owns the quarry here that has been licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for 30 years of extraction.

YBM is the leading company in Vietnam and stay at top 2 of the world for Calcium Carbonate powder products, with an area up to 15 hectares with 4 factories, 15 grinding machines including 2 hydraulic grinding lines and 3 grinding lines for coated powder; the capacity reached 50,000 tons per month. The material source is the most purified which is carefully selected under the ISO 9001:2015 standard through the modern production line powered by technology originally from Germany and Spain; the Company's products have been receiving the trust as well as the many praise of domestic market customers and is continuing expanding to many international markets such as Germany, Russia, India, South Korea, Bangladesh, China, and Indonesia.

With the remarkable advantages compared to other manufacturers on the market, YBM commits to bring customers the best quality products and the highest financial benefits.

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YBM has been working in our way to develop the market depend on highest quality products, reasonable price and first-class services. Our company have been receiving the trust as well as the many praise of domestic market customers and is continuing expanding to many international markets such as India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Australia, China, and South Africa.
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Su Menh


Our mission is to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of CaCO3 products in Vietnam and top 2 in the world by ensuring the quality of products with reasonable price and professional sales services.
Su Menh


YBM has been operating in an own way to develop the market and gain market share, base on high quality products, competitive price and best customer service.
Su Menh

Core values

YBM commits to provide products that worth the highest level of customer satisfaction, consistency in quality, along with best customer services, and sufficient insight of customer needs. These shape the uniqueness of YBM, make YBM widely known and trusted in the domestic and international markets.
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Compliance principles


Quality, Prestige, Progress.

Always satisfy the needs of all clients with the best quality.

Open, Friendly, Progressive, Enthusiastic and Respectful.

Give the highest effort to advance products and services, contribute to the improvement of life standards.


Create the opportunity for employees to study, improve the professional qualification and working manner, gradually achieve international standards.

Create promotion opportunities on the basis of work efficiency, integrity and loyalty to the company, aiming to ensure better conditions for the life of employees and sustainable development of the company.


Build and preserve solidarity, stability and long-term relationships with mutual benefit in the basis of reliable business tradition, ensuring the quality of goods and respect for customers.

Support to improve the quality of business in order to better satisfy customers’ needs.


Honor and preserve business ethics.

Fulfill social responsibilities and follow the laws.

Actively contributes to the general development of the society.

“Prestige – Quality – Value For Money”


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The company has a total of over 200 employees of which over 30% have bachelor and post-graduate degree. The Company's team of directors is well-qualified with many years of experience in organizational management and effective executive performance, professional in the areas of mineral extraction and industrial production.
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