Tieu de anh
Tieu de anh
Tieu de anh
Tieu de anh
Believe in the values of the company, comply to the disciplines and principles of the system. Love the job, enthusiastic, have good cognition and positive attitude toward work.
Be proactive, dedicated, do not avoid responsibility.
Prestige - Commitment
Keeping prestige, saying along with doing, try to achieve goals and commitments.
Wisdom - Unite
Take solidarity and collective intelligence as strength, be dynamic, creative to change and develop.
Honest - Ethical
Be honest, work with an ethical mind and keep the moral in all circumstances.
learn - share
Always learn, listen, share to improve yourself and improve quality, speed, efficiency of work.
spirit of serving
Take the spirit of serving as the foundation for all activities, commit to bring customers high quality products with reasonable price.
Do not compromise
Do not compromise with the wrong doings, fight against the negative and social ills.
creativity flexibility
Work with creativity, flexibility and always look for solutions to accomplish all tasks assigned.
Together to build and protect the brand of YBM: secure information and be faithful to the cause of the company, consider YBM as the second home where to work every day.